• Tiffany

She's a Nasty Gal

Nicki Minaj just recently shared some photos from a video shoot with boyfriend Meek Mill "All on eyes on You" which was released on iTunes June 26, 2015. The photos have Nicki sitting pretty in what looks like a denim swim suite. But do we know where the swim suite is from? Yes! We do and this site has a well-deserved #HashtagApproval one of the many sites I shop from. Nicki only paid $68 bucks for this swim wear but she is wearing it as if it’s worth so much more. This is my point ladies it doesn’t matter how much you paid for it, all that matters is how you wear it and how good you look and feel in it. I'm such a fan of celebrities wearing brands that everyone can afford because it puts them in the category like "OH, they are regular people too" so many look at celebrities as not being average beings on this earth, yes she more than likely has more than a million in her bank but if she likes something that’s only $68 she is open to that too! You Nasty Gal You Nasty….

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