• Danielle

Weight It Out

So it’s definitely that time of year again. Vacations are booked and everyone is getting swimsuit ready. I definitely get it we all want to look our best especially on vacation just don't kill yourself trying to get there. I see so many different pills and teas and coffee that say loose 5lbs in a week and I'm always so tempted to try them and something in the back of my head is always telling me not too. Depending on your current weight it's not healthy to be losing that much so fast. I once had one of those fitness apps and you put in all your info and your weight goals and the time frame in which you want to loose the weight. I remember it told me in order to lose 1lb a week I could only eat 800 calories a day excuse me WHAT THE ELLE!? At the time I was in college and my alcohol intake would be just about half the amount of calories I could have for the day. So yeah that wasn’t going to work.

It makes me think if your taking these crazy weight loss supplements and going on this strenuous diet what’s the point if your not going to keep up with it. Now like I said before I understand wanting to look your best on vacation but, do you just stop there? Like you do all this just for five-day vacation and go back to your regularly scheduled program just for the weight to come back. That isn’t healthy either; yo-yo dieting is very dangerous especially for women and the affect it could have on our reproductive system. The best way to shed those pounds is by a healthy diet, which doesn’t mean eating less but eating better and exercise that doesn’t over exhaust your body. You should never risk harming your body to look your best. One should think of weight-loss as a lifestyle change not something that’s temporary but, something that is now apart of the way you live your life. I do believe that if you are considering a weight-loss supplement balance it with a healthier diet and exercise that way when you do reach your goal weight your able to maintain it without supplements. Not to mention keep money in your pocket and more importantly love your body no matter what state it’s in.



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