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Take Or Toss

If you don’t know by now, you should know that I love traveling and having different cultural experiences. This summer my friends and I have an upcoming trip to Mexico. Totally amped and excited about the nature of the trip, I'm going with all of my closes friends which is sometimes rare with our clashing schedules and appointments. So I thought to myself time for some shopping! But I had no idea what I wanted to shop for or even what to pack. I told myself I would start packing way early this time because with pass trips I would over pack because of the anxiety any girl gets from packing so last minute. This year I plan to pack conscientiously being as I am on a budget and I really want to adapt to buying more of what I need versus buying what I want.

Walking into my room I realized that my closet, my shoes and accessories were all in disarray. I really needed some organization back into my closet. I planned on doing my annual spring cleaning {that all true fashionistas do} It's almost like that old phrase "Out with the old and in with the new" I found myself going through each item of clothing and asking myself to either "take" or "toss" I turned my tunes on and got to work. Me and my shopping habits and the amount of clothes I ended up tossing away from previous sweeps I know that this task is not a one man job so I called up What the Elle, Danielle and then we got to work.

Here are some steps for the fashionista that needs to get organized:

What you will need: Storage Bins, Hangers and Trash Bags and a friend to help you {Just in case you have trouble tossing some items away}

  • Start section by section and then make sub sections for each category of clothing (i.e left side of closet designated for dresses right side designated to blazers) This first step can vary with the amount of closet, drawer and dresser space you have.

  • Make piles "toss" and "donate" in my case I have a family behind me that’s my size so majority of my clothing can be passed down to them and the other half can be trashed if its worn out, stained or over used. This is where your trash bags come in.

  • Store your out of season clothing (sweaters, coats, boots)in the bins and put them in storage or if you have the luxury of a basement or attic store them there.

  • Now that those things you chose not to have are out of the way, time to reorganize and color run your closet.

  • Think ROYGBIV (Roy-G-Biv) which means Red, Orange, Yellow, Green Blue, Indigo and Violet. Go by this color story and your closet will scream squeaky clean once all colors of clothing are organized in that order. Fold everything tight and flat or roll your item to prevent wrinkling in your drawers.

  • Keep everything the way you organized it, when you wear your items put them back where you got them in the manner that you found them. This way your closet will stay organized and you will know exactly where everything is.

Once I did my Annual Spring Cleaning I was able to see exactly what I already had and know exactly what I needed for my trip! Next up, online shopping and mall trips, Mexico here I come.

Here are some closet examples:



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