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Carrie and Big Diaries

A story that doesn't seem to have a very clear ending opened up another chapter just a few days ago.

Of course most of us have watched and like myself OBSESSED over the infamous love story of Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big on Sex and the City. Many of us would even depict their love on many different scales. Some might see it as the most negative view on a relationship possible while others may see the excitement and thrill that Carrie and Big go through to finally fulfill their "destiny" to live happily ever after. Lucky for me (or very unlucky) my love life has been able to experience just a little taste of what it feels like in those fab Manolos of hers.

Following a busy workday I get a message with an invitation from Mr. Big himself. Conveniently traveling on business during the last few months led him right in my territory in Manhattan on fifth ave only a few blocks away. Escaping my workplace I was able to meet only for a short time at Tommy Bahamas Marlin Bar, which served as a good setting for our quick meeting. I walked right over in my 6-inch nude pumps, which complemented my low cut white dress. Catching a glimpse of myself through a glass reflection I thanked God for the outfit I chose that morning. With less time then I thought I was unfortunately left waiting while Bigs’ inexperience in the "big" city left him running very late. As I grew a little impatient I then lifted my head up from staring at the time as he rushed around a corner in my clear eye view. Brown skin, 7ft tall in a navy pin stripped suit tailored to the tee fitting right in with the NYC dress code. If anyone knew any better they would think we planned our looks accordingly. With only 20 min to spare he took his seat across from me as we tried to get into our comfort zone, which always seemed hard in the beginning. I was surprised by my stern demeanor, usually liquid courage has been the best thing to get me by during these times. Remaining calm cool and collected I initiated our quick chat and tried to enjoy the little time we had. But be that as it may, knowing our history, a quick hi and bye has never really been our thing.

Like Carrie and Bigs time together they always seem to be experiencing the best of the best. I believe them to be the one everyone envies in a crowded room or for us a rooftop lounge, which has become our part time residence during our random meets. So most of you probably wonder of our past together or maybe our current "status". Like Mr. Big and Carrie it always remained unknown but our experiences together have never been more fulfilling; and that's exactly what describes our relationship. What we happen to share in common makes our times together unique and innovating. A short list would include appreciation for a great atmosphere with fine cocktails and champagne diets. Picture maybe a random night starting at one of the city's hottest restaurants from moving on to popping bottles of champagne in a park to getting swept away as we danced under the stars by the sounds of Frank Sinatra, all true events by the way. With my love of all the finest being blamed by the mysterious Mr. Bigs influence, it created the person and some might call the "monster" that I am today. Now that you have a taste of our very true past let's carry on.

At last, with Mr. Big always being the one to escort me around it was my turn to show exactly what he had taught me as It became my mission to guide him through the best experience Manhattan had to offer, but only in the way we know best. As I rushed out of work it was his turn to wait as I needed to freshen up after a long day. I walked out of my building still surprised by the reality of the person that waited for me right outside. Stepping out again into the beautiful spring day I paused and looked around for the man in the blue suit. To my left he stood there, standing tall briefcase in hand seeming very involved with a conversation on the phone. I walked over to him as he stood on the phone discussing business of course as I signaled that we should get a cab. Where was Mr. Bigs car when you needed it? As his luck appeared better than mine we hopped into the first town car, as he opened the door for me and the driver took off. Sitting in the car along side him my mind was racing. During my time in Philadelphia, we would always enjoy crazy random nights, but I would never think that we would experience together in a level such as this. Manhattan gave this time around a whole new meaning. In the past we would always boast about one day what it would be like if we experienced time here together. I jumped back into reality as I turned to look at him and noticed his eyes on me almost as if he could read right into my thoughts. As he asked the famous question as to "what's on your mind" I initially shared my idea of exactly what was happening at the moment to be "random as hell" and kind of unbelievable. The look on his eyes told me everything I needed to know and to believe it.

With time ticking I wanted to get in as much as we could. The town car pulled up right in front of the familiar building, which was the location to one of my favorite new places, Monarch rooftop lounge. As we stepped out of the car perhaps my ego somewhat evolved as I noticed myself being the one to lead the way. As I smiled to myself in the elevator on the way up, the doors opened and we stepped right in. 6pm in NY couldn't have looked and felt any better. The sun was shining with not a single breeze in the air. We took a seat on the rooftop making sure the Empire State Building was right in our clear eye view. As we sat down I turned to him hoping to spot a look of satisfaction and from the looks of it, it seemed as if I was doing a pretty good job. As phase 1 was complete we needed to move on to conversation and cocktails, which always go hand in hand. This stage proved as guidance to where the night will eventually lead.

Keeping to our stereotypical ways we ordered our drinks. Gin for the gentleman with a side of olives and my signature Cosmo looking cocktail served as a perfect ice breaker for the evening ahead. Not much talking seemed to take place during the first few sips, seems as if we were both taking in the moment. We then started chatting and getting into random conversation. Talks of work led to conversation about NYC living and then falling under more intriguing topics like our past endeavors and even talks of what future ones can look like. Those particular topics always bring out the differences in opinions that matter the most. As we laughed and joked about envisioning our opinions of "the future" I felt a weird sense of satisfaction. They say honesty is always the best policy and we both couldn't argue with that. Not wanting to reveal too much to my readers, let's just say what we have works for us... Anyway carrying on, wait, you didn't think it ended there?? The drinks continued to come and after what seemed like my 10th cocktail we decided to explore more. With him needing to depart in only a few short hours I needed to think fast. During our conversation on the roof the topic of cigars came up. So we jumped into another car and in the crazy Manhattan traffic I tried to experience every option for this journey.

In the heart of Manhattan it seemed like our cab couldn't be moving any slower. Arguing with the cab driver I again became impatient. I refuse to let a little mere traffic take up our time. As my dramatic show continued I looked his way and again caught his stare and noticed that he was seated only a few inches away from me. And for the next few minutes he was able to release the calmness I didn't know I had in me, the drinks seem to have done its job. Completely forgetting where I was I opened my eyes as the driver notified us that we have arrived. Wishing then that the traffic kept us away a little longer I jumped out and took in the outside view of The Carnegie Club. Being as this was my first time I didn't know what it had in store. According to my research this place was exactly up our ally. Walking in with high hopes I looked around and was immediately attracted to the old age vibe the Carnegie club initially gave off. We checked in our coats and looked around for a seat. The club gave off the best 18th century vibe with its dim candle lit lighting and bookcases covering the walls complemented by a stone fireplace. The place was filled with vibes of Frank Sinatra as the salt and pepper haired business men smoked up the room with their fine cigars. We took a seat and surprisingly satisfaction didn't seem to fill us. Perhaps maybe this elevated our evening a bit too much. Not to mention the cigar smoke that filled the room might have been too much to handle. We did glance at the menu and then to each other as we agreed to move our party elsewhere.

Getting into the next cab with not much time we continued what we left in the last. We headed to our last destination, which I knew he would enjoy the most. I recently explored The Campbell's Apartment with a dear friend a couple days prior. I remember telling her constantly how much my "friend" would enjoy it. It seems that I spoke matters into existence as we walked right into the lounge, which was conveniently located in grand central terminal, which would be the place he needed to be for his departure, or so we thought. Checking in our belongings for the third time we headed to the hostess as we requested a table. Being as though it seemed to be a busy time in the city none were available and we were told there was a wait. I jokingly thought to myself, "the nerve of her, if she only knew who we were". I dropped the sarcasm and we both decided to ease over to the bar for maybe one last drink. The crowded place served as a younger version of our last location. The music was great with the same Frank Sinatra vibe that we both share a guilty pleasure for. With the same dim lighting this served as another location that suited us perfectly. He orders me a Cosmo along with a drink for himself as we contemplated what to do about a table. In his stern nature Mr. Big comes off as a man who loves to make his own rules. He then joked about us claiming the table that seemed reserved for a larger party. I tried to work my magic by heading to the hostess and maybe asking to avoid the embarrassment of being told to move. Being let down again we took our drinks to another bar that was outside the lounge and closer to the doors of the terminal. We then took our own seats on the bar tables as the feeling of a major downgrade took over. Hilariously so, we got a kick out of being denied. To cushion the blow he decided to go to the bar and order us some wine and cheese, I guess this kind of served as the nightcap to the evening. I remembered then that we were on a time limit, but me being the selfish person I am I didn't dare say a word. As he went back to the bar I thought I'd try my luck once more at Campbell's. Seems like the third time was a charm, We grabbed our wine and then we were guided to our table. We sat all the way towards the end of the lounge with a clear view of the entire room. He sat to my left as I asked how I did for the evening. Seems that I passed my test with flying colors like I knew I would. Apparently NYC served as my city to conquer just as I promised him a long time ago.

I won't explain the rest of the evening, as I should leave something to the imagination. To mention a few, Mr. Big was indeed late for his departure. I blame my selfishness for that matter. Having a little bit more time to spare we took the Manhattan streets for one more ride. Who knows if this will be the last time around but that's the great thing about the story of Carrie and Big; you never know where and what is in the cards for them, which leaves things a little more interesting and especially a little dramatic, which is exactly how I like to keep things.

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