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BRAG About It!

If this isn’t something to BRAG about then I don’t know what is. BRAG is a non-profit organization with twelve college chapters throughout the US. Their mission is to bring resources, prepare and educate professionals, entrepreneurs and students of color for executive leadership in the retail, fashion and related industries.

The numerous of chapters across the US carries out this mission by creating opportunities such as professional workshops, educational excursions and many industry related activities that influence and mold the mind of young business professionals.

This pass Saturday Hashtags and Highheels got invited to the Philadelphia University BRAG Chapter. Pinky Up! Might I say that the campus is beautiful and the area where the campus sits, is right off of Ridge Ave {If you are familiar with the Philadelphia area} Upon arriving on the mass campus and finding parking, I could see the hall where they were having the "Talking Fashion Event" When we entered we were greeted by friendly faces and the students running the event. After checking in with name tags and chatting with a few students about Hashtags and Highheels we were introduced to the panelist of the event.

Curran J. Swint – KEO & Founder of K.R.T "Kings Rule Together"

Kevin Parker – CEO of FBH, The Agency and Producer of Philadelphia Fashion Week and Philadelphia Men's Style, Fashion Stylist, Designer and Marketing. "Redefining Fashion"

LaQuesha Smith – PhilaU Alum '12, Assistant Buyer for Burlington Coat Factory, CEO & Founder of "My mission in life is not merely to survive, but thrive; and to do so

with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style"

Jovan O' Connor – PhilaU Alum '06 CEO and Designer of Jovan O'Connor Inc. "Never allow yourself to be limited by invisible obstacles. If you want to do it, it can be done"

Might I say the event had wonderful ora about it; the music choice was so complimentary to the food selection and the actual venue. It felt very much like home, very comfortable and conversations weren’t forced. I spoke to one of the panelist Kevin Parker, and thanked him for his commitment to Philadelphia and giving us a beautiful array of fashion events that are well produced and showcase Philadelphia designers. He was very heartfelt and appreciative of my comment and even that meant a lot to me.

After the networking aspect of the event was finished it was time to begin the panel discussion. We were instructed into another room with tables and a big screen. Tea time was the theme which I was elated about! You all know me and how much I love tea and good convo.

Greeted by an array of treats and tea to choose from as we sat down to "Talk Fashion" The discussion started off with some fire- off questions {random questions to the panelist} such topics of discussion were; how did you get started? What options did you utilize to kick start your business? What makes your business unique? Influential trends of 2015? One topic that I found the most interest in was learning how to create your own steps, knowing about your business and what others will ask about your business. Towards the end of the discussion we were given an opportunity to ask our own questions {so of course my hand went up} I asked about the intimidation that fashionistas such as myself go through when it comes to New York City and being submerged around other fashion professionals that are constantly around fashion on a daily basis.

The overall concept that the panelist gave was to be confident, be confident in the knowledge that you have about the business, and be confident when you enter the room full of fashion professionals because your confidence will radiate which will attract people just like yourself. "You are who you radiate, so shine bright and the rest will attract" – Tiffany

Overall this event was such a refresher and I realized that when you allow your dreams to become your everyday reality each day you get one step closer. BRAG did a great job with their "Talking Fashion" discussion and I am forever grateful that the invite was extended. If you are in a college or university and you have fashion potential in your school to start a chapter, I definitely say "yes" for more information about BRAG visit.



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