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End My Day Up on the Roof....

As my time here in NYC continues, so does the amazing experiences. Being famous for my fabulous Friday nights this was definitely one I can add to my favorites. This Friday I had it all and I couldn't have been blessed with better weather, nice enough to ditch the coats at home and finally show off those outfits we've been hibernating in our closets. Of course only being accompanied by the best people you will ever meet, I was able to enjoy an amazing evening filled with laughs, cocktails and only the best hotspots in Manhattan.

As I experience New York's nightlife I can't help but get overwhelmed with the unlimited amount of resources and variety to choose from. We could of chose any place to host our evening but I was looking forward to visiting the highly talked about Monarch rooftop lounge located in the Marriott hotel in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. As my cab pulled up in front of the hotel I quickly ran out to greet my friend who was looking very chic as she waited outside for me. Me being ready and willing to have my first cocktail we made our way inside to the elevator that led us to the eighteenth floor.

As my six inch heels stepped off the elevator I was instantly satisfied and the excitement consumed me. Dim lighting and great music along with a top floor view of Manhattan gave this place an instant five stars for me. Trying to remain calm cool and collected we walked to the bar and ordered a few fancy cocktails as we waited for our third party to arrive. Second Cosmo in he finally arrived and we took our drinks over to explore and experience the rooftop deck.

With not one hint of chill in the air the evening felt perfect (probably all thanks to my cocktails *wink*) I felt as if I was in the center of it all. I needed a minute to take it all in and appreciate the moment. As I looked around at the fine people surrounding me and the two special people who accompanied me I couldn't help but feel blessed for everything I've been able to experience so far. As I snapped back noticing this was my reality I continued the fun conversation and catching up, snapped a few pics and was ready for more of what Manhattan had to offer.

Being new to the New York night scene I've been doing a lot of observing to broaden my knowledge around different things. One thing I'm able to appreciate is the fashion, and I'm not just talking about the ladies. Of course it's a given that any rooftop lounge in midtown will be filled with high heeled beauties dressed only for the best, but I love that no matter where you go everyone is always dressed to the tee. Props going out especially to the men sometimes even dressing better than some ladies I've seen. What a great improvement from my sights in Philadelphia I must say. Any way let's carry on....

Ok so here's one confession I hate to admit, this social city girl apparently can't make her way through every door. So the night was young and everyone who knows me knows that I'm always ready for more. As my party of 3 shrunk to 2 my night continued along side my handsome sidekick for the evening. Downing my Cosmo I took one last view of the Empire State Building in front of us and we were on our way. I let him guide the way as we arrived at another rooftop lounge known as Hudson Terrance. We greeted a friend of his outside and proceeded inside. So.... my misplaced ID had led me to getting a new one in NYC. That day I was happy to get it over with as I stood to reclaim my key to my social life. They then handed me a paper that served as a temporary and said my ID will arrive in 2 weeks. I turned the drama on thinking how will I survive. Apparently I was able to make due, but not for this spot. Unfortunately my temporary ID was denied entry! If you can only imagine how I felt as I took the knife out of my back (ok maybe too dramatic) as I instantly went for option b.

Lucky for me I was prepared and knew a few people in a few high places. As I grabbed my phone and sent a simple text we were on our way to the next hotspot; god I love Manhattans options. As we arrived I led the way and we were immediately let in. To my current knowledge, seems that knowing a promoter gives you the upper hand, lucky I made contact with a few. It's always great to stay ready!

Carrying on as we entered Skyroom which apparently seemed to be another rooftop

lounge, I was ready to hear some great music and dance as I like to do best after a few cocktails. One thing about these rooftop lounges is that they lack any kind of dance floor, don't people dance in Manhattan?? I let it go as I searched to thank the promoter who didn't seem too happy with my choice of companion for the night. Moving right along we went to the bar ordered another drink and continued to catch up in great conversation. It was definitely a different kind of experience. My usual Friday nights are filled with consistent drinks dancing till the night ends and then returning home and prepping for the effect in the morning. But I have to say I enjoyed the change.

Soon after, my night came to an end. On my way home led through 42nd Times Square and Bryant park it all still seemed unreal to me. Truly satisfied and feeling blessed I made my way home....

Oh and how could I forget! There was one little thing that happened to make my amazing evening better than ever... But don't worry, this girl never kisses and tells. Until next time....



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