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Got Your 6

In other terms got your 6 means in military terms "Got Your Back" and that’s exactly what we need to do for each other as Women living in America.

So last week sometime I told you all that I would be purchasing the May 2015 issue of Glamour Magazine because of the three dynamic woman that graced their cover; Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Obama and Kerry Washington. So spectators said that they were coming together for a cause. [But no one knew what for] Upon reading my issue I later found out that these ladies are coming together for the care and support we owe veterans and their families. These ladies are asking this Memorial Day we really appreciate the work that our servicewomen, veterans and military wives go through, these women all around are very courageous. These women want to bring awareness around the issue of their mental clarity and employment stability. Women that serve or those whom are currently serving, battling with; homelessness, unemployment, post-traumatic stress disorder and the effects of sexual trauma.

Ladies! We have to stand up, I mean seriously, this is a big issue that gets swept under the rug and overlooked or sometimes forgotten. These women are expected to operate in a certain matter and have extremely huge expectations of their peers. When you think about it they are some of the best-trained people in our society. Every Job seeker in that aspect should be looking for organized, disciplined, team players and an innovative individual but yet they [veterans] are still are overlooked [for whatever reason]. It is reported that Joined Forces has collaborated with 285 mayors to end veteran homelessness [no veteran living on their community streets] and since then they have put 700,000 veterans to work. They also have "Give an Hour" which provides free therapy to military families. First Lady Michelle Obama speaks about when she first started campaigning that the voices of military spouses and also veterans never influenced her the way they do now.

Many people think that the right thing to do when you see a veteran is to say "Thank You" but what we should actually be saying is "What Can I Do?" "Thank You for your service, just isn’t enough" Sara Jessica Parker stated, and I can totally agree with her. The disorders that some of these veterans are diagnosed with are higher in females than males because of the sexual assault they encounter.

Ladies while reading this article I realized that we must develop a culture of open arms and acceptance for women who served to say "I'm a veteran and I need help". Having mental clarity and peace of mind is so important as women especially those who think they have to constantly portray "superwomen". It is really okay to have meltdowns and to cry it all out even though we really don’t know why we are crying. Kerry Washington stated, "I don’t know why I wouldn’t seek help to have those things be as healthy as my teeth. I go to the dentist. So why wouldn’t I go to a shrink?" After reading this, I really recognized how much people should consider talking things out with a professional. There actually isn’t a reason not to seek professional help if you are a mother, work-a-holic, service women, wife or leader. We have to affirm each other that asking for help is okay and it really isn’t about an act of being stoic so that you are constantly viewed as an success because behind every pretty face is something complicated.



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