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At Your Best

So I’m sure by now you all have seen the ridiculous pictures of people doing the #kyliejennerchallenge. Now I’m not even sure how this whole thing got started but, I do know that Kylie Jenner herself didn’t start the hashtag. Now this isn’t the first time we’ve seen crazy challenges like this, not to long ago people were setting themselves on fire with the #firechallenge. Seriously What The ELLE how and why would one think it was a good idea it’s very dangerous but people are only concerned with likes and comments instead of health and well being.

I say all this to bring me to my main point, which is how social media, is affecting young girls and body image more than ever before. Whether you’re a young girl, teenager, or even a woman we have all had body image issues at some point. There’s always something about us we want to change, enhance or get rid of. Now I’m all about loving yourself and loving the skin you’re in. I’m absolutely in love with my freckles and I would never change them for anything. I do believe if there is something you want to change it should be done with careful consideration and the healthiest way possible. I would never want to alter my look so much that I’m unrecognizable to people. When I see pictures of people who have had extreme plastic surgeries and I see there before pictures they always look way better than their transformation. I work with women in a very intimate and vulnerable setting and I’m always telling women how beautiful they are and to embrace their bodies. The only perfect size there is, is size healthy and that’s what we should all be striving to be everyday.

Every young girl goes through that awkward stage where everything is changing and everyone is changing at different rates but, that too shall pass so hang in there. Along with body image and finding yourself, comes personal style. I think personal style has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself. Every girl feels good when she’s looks her best and feels comfortable. Now for some women that might mean a face full of makeup everyday and the highest heels possible and for others it could be a fresh face and more casual laid-back attire. We all have that one staple item that makes us feel pretty no matter what we are wearing. For me it’s my huge hoop earrings, no matter what I’m wearing I need to have my hoop earrings even if it’s a sweat pant and t-shirt kind of day. I think it’s important to find your personal style because you will always feel confident no matter what the situation. It took me a long time to find my own personal style I didn’t start experimenting with different looks until I got to college but it is a lot of trial and error to find what you feel your best in.

One thing that I love about my friends and I is that we all have different body types and our own personal style so we always look beautifully different. As women we have the responsibility to embrace other women. I think as women hearing a compliment from another women means a lot and anyone who knows me knows I will always go out of my way to compliment another woman because at the end of the day every women wants to hear that she’s beautiful.

Below some of my favorite looks:



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