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So I’m sure by now you’ve all seen the hashtag #TIDALforAll along with an aqua colored avi from a lot of your favorite artists. As an active member of the #Beyhive I had to find out just what exactly my uncles wife (Beyonce) was talking about. In true Jay Z fashion my uncle is always, as he would say “Onto the next one”. Tidal will be a new streaming website that will compete with sites like Spotify and the new iTunes music streaming feature. Music streaming has evolved into the easiest way to listen to your favorite album without paying album price just a monthly fee. Sounds good right? Well in theory it is pretty sweet but what most people aren’t realizing is that the artist is not profitable from music streams. It’s album sales and iTunes downloads that the artists actually makes money off of.

Now I have never used Spotify; Pandora and the good ole radio can usually give me my music fix but it is a good way to listen to a full album before you buy it. Honestly I honestly didn’t think anyone was still paying for music anymore because it’s so easy to get music for free but that is very unfair to the artists. Artists spend a lot of time effort, and money to create music that is timeless and speaks to us. Now from my understanding Tidal will support the artist in a way no other streaming website has before. Each artist will buy shares of the company and release their music that way they will always be making money off of their music via Tidal streams. Unlike Spotify, Tidal doesn’t offer a free option users will pay a monthly subscription fee of $10 or $20 depending on the music quality you want.

Monday my uncle called up all his friends in music and held the official launch for Tidal. There each artist signed their shares and release of their music on Tidal. Everyone you could almost imagine from Kanye West to Madonna was there in support of not just of Jay Z or Tidal but, for music. In a day and age where music is so easily accessible without paying I guess if you can’t beat them join them and then do it better and I feel like that’s where Jay Z is headed with Tidal. In fact Tidal has boosted in subscriptions substantially since Tuesday. Will you be subscribing, I’m a little on the fence only based on my music usage but if you truly love music and want to support your favorite artists Tidal is the way to go. Below are some pictures of the star studded event #TIDALforALL



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