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Girl Talk

Over the past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to go to Atlanta for a friend's birthday. Atlanta has so much to offer from historical spots such as Martin Luther King's birth home to the church that he preached in. Visiting was such an eye opener and a heart weight being as the events that took place during the time of MLK's era. We also went to the famous Wet Willies where everyone seems to go to when they are out of town. I do advise everyone to try their "Bahama Mama" it was delish.

We were able to plan out our weekend and get mimosas at this restaurant called ''Table at Ten". The area that the restaurant was located was phenomenal and it mimicked Los Angeles to me, very hilly with a lot of greenery. As we know every trip is accompanied by a girl talk and drinks. The famous girl talk was something that we found ourselves having every time we sat down at a table. I bring up this topic in particular because it really had me thinking.

Now girl talk isn’t just girl talk without the sub categories which are:

  • Boy Code - When you randomly bring up a situation to see what the reaction of the girls will be.

  • Reason Ramble - When you start tying your own situation to the boy code.

  • Advice Avenue - When the conversation comes to a halt because someone's advice is pressing them to tell you at that very moment.

Seriously! I analyzed our conversation from start to finish and questions raised my eye brows, like do guys really talk about us girls as much as we do them? Is that old myth about men gossiping more than woman true? Us as women we drown ourselves with worry and confusion of our partners when really we need to be taking in the moment of the "right now" not the "what if" "where is" and "what should". Now I can understand if you're seriously worried because something happened previously but what is the point of forgiveness if you're really not going to forget it. Trial after trial and problem after problem if we aren’t going to really trust our partner why have ourselves in the situation? These are thoughts that I question myself previously and even now and, yes it is a struggle. I want our girl talk to now be about finding the true reason of what we are doing in these relationships and, what it is that we want out of them. Is that person here for a reason, a season or a lifetime? In the meantime keep having these girl talks and talking it out with friends but, don’t allow your worries to take over the table because at the end of the day girl talk is for us girls.



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