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I could not hold my excitement in as I walked into what is now on my list as my most favorite hot spots in the city. My socialites might be the only ones to understand my obsession. I have only seen pictures of the epic setting of Morimoto but I wouldn't believe it until I saw for myself. Located in center city the restaurant conveniently surrounds everything else we know and love. Accompanied by my fab sister we were ready to catch up and get carried away for the night ahead.

Walking in I was instantly satisfied. As the hostess showed us to our table I was in awe over the beautiful decor and lighting that the restaurant displayed. As we took our seats we noticed that the entire restaurant changed colors as well.

The LED lighting felt as if we were in another world. Everything from the walls to the seating and tables changed in an array of fluorescent colors. It was heaven to a social media obsessed person such as myself. You can't help but want to share pictures (or selfies, our favorite, duh) with the beautiful setting in the background. I made sure I took enough to highlight every part of my experience.

Next was the menu. With an epic setting it was almost impossible for them not to have an amazing menu to compliment it. Glancing over my favorite menu (cocktails of course) I chose to keep to my girly style and ordered something they call the "Nashi Blossom". Mixed with reyka vodka, pear purée and ginger simple it was good enough to be dessert. With a few suggestions from our waiter I decided to order the tuna pizza that he spoke very highly of. My sister decided to order the duck, which we were both skeptical of since we have never tried it, but I'm happy we took the risk. The food was amazing and delivered very quickly to our table. Still satisfied we decided to go all in and treat ourselves to desert as well. The "Chocolate pot de creme" was the perfect slice of heaven that I needed to top off my tasty meal. This desert is perfect to share for two but only if you're willing to.

Continuing to indulge in my experience I decided to order another cocktail that was listed on the desert menu. A huge smile gleamed on my face as our waiter brought my Godiva chocolate martini over to me (don't judge me we all had a long week). The first sip had the perfect amount of kick to top off the night. We continued to sip our drinks and enjoyed conversation until it was time for the check to arrive.

Morimoto Philadelphia definitely earns my five star rating for best hot spots in the city. Ladies, this is a perfect place to catch up with your girls with great cocktails and cuisine to enjoy any day of the week. Fellas, us ladies all agree you need help in the "thoughtful" department. Sorry for being so harsh that's why I'm here. Set yourselves apart from the rest guys and you are guaranteed to whoo your lady for sure.... You can thank me later *winks*.

Make your reservation today at Morimoto Philadelphia located on 723 chestnut st, in center city. To all my New York socialites, Morimoto is also located near you. That will be my next stop. You can beat me there or meet me there!

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