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Titans Debut!

On Tuesday pictures surfaced online of the R&B singer Kelly Rowland, husband Tim Weatherspoon and new born Titan Jewell. I'm sooo in love with their new family with her being 34 years old, welcoming a new child and being married is definitely a candidate for a super woman. But might I say she wears all of it well. Kelly also put her mother to rest this past November so all this newness should be a refreshing distraction. Rowland stated that "if she did not have so much support during her time of bereavement from close friends and family like Beyoncé that she wouldn't have gotten through it".

Kelly has obviously been leaving little clues on Instagram of what little Titan looks like with pictures of his little feet and of him and dad on a bike with just a view of his curly hairs.

So normally celebrities wait until they get a huge offer from magazines like PEOPLE and OK to reveal the first looks of the now famous babies. Kelly and Tim chose a completely different route and chose a magazine closer to home, Essence.

In the magazine she talks about being a wife first, a mother second and an artist third. Other familiar topics such as when she lost her mother and all that she went through prior. Seems to be an informative article for April and I'll be picking mine up ASAP, you all know she's my twin!

Check out exclusive footage from the shoot at



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