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Elevated Evenings

New York City, you never seem to let me down. Slipping into one of my sexy Friday fixes with an all black fitted dress, the perfect pumps and a rouge lip, my night was ready to begin. I was accompanied by one of my dear guy friends who was ready to sip and be social with the one and only.... Me of course!

After mere seconds of hailing a cab we were on our way to the trendy area of midtown Manhattans garment district. Being familiar with this area from my recent experience at The Refinery Hotel, I decided to stick to what I know for this evening. Once again I decided to revisit my new favorite rooftop lounge just for a few of my favorite cosmopolitans that will always keep me coming back.

I had a mission to do all the talking since my dear friend decided to show up without his identification. Instantly I began a conversation with the man by the elevator who was the guy we needed on our side. After a few laughs and jokes about confusion and questioning my own age he called for the manager as I shot him an effortless glance that led us on our way right into the elevator to the 13th floor. As we were guided to the elevator we heard someone trying to buy their way in right behind us. Too bad the fellow didn't seem to have his cards in order to win that game. As the elevator door closed me and my friend shot a satisfying glance at one another as we heard the poor guy get turned away... Awww, maybe next time.

Eager to continue our "taxi cab confession" convos, we hurried to the bar that was way more busy than my trendy Monday evening there prior. We finally waived down the bartender and placed our order of stereotypical drinks for the night. I grabbed my Cosmo accompanied by his Johnny Walker, (insert obvious inappropriate joke here), and wandered over to a table to take in the breathtaking view of the Empire State Building peaking outside.

We continued enjoying great conversation with the DJ playing my kind of music in the background. The rest of the lounge was filled with middle-aged men and women, some couples, dressed all in business casual attire. While taking a minute to scope out the crowd I noticed wandering eyes headed straight in our direction, both men and women. Apparently we were the topic of wonder in a few minds. As I looked over at a few of them none of them cared to break eye contact with me even after they realized they were discovered. All this made me do was SMH (literally) and continue to engage in my conversation. My dramatic thoughts made me think of every kind of scenario. Could they have believed my good friend and I could've been something more and possibly on a date. With that, the idea of pursuit could be on the brain for some of these Captain Obvious's. Could they wonder why and what we could be conversing about that could keep us so intrigued that we didn't care to observe the happenings surrounding us. Or could the feeling of jealously be aroused that two fine people such as ourselves were obviously enjoying our time more than anyone else at the lounge (Option C is my favorite). Don't mind my thoughts, their only observations.

After we learned that not all places "never sleep" in this city, we were hit with having to make a decision of where to next. As we asked the concierge for further information we were out the doors of hotel and ended up just a few doors down.

The Archer Hotel seemed to have a similar vibe for the elevated evening we decided to take part in. We were quickly notified that their rooftop lounge will be having their last call in only 5 min. As I schemed my way past that roadblock, we proceeded into the elevator onto the 22nd floor to the Spyglass Rooftop Lounge. This gorgeous intimate space also gave us a more upfront view of the Empire State Building. Accompanied my small tables and chairs, the deck had the best view of Manhattan.

Third Cosmo in, I was on my high off life attitude. We took a tour of the lounge and found a separate VIP section that had its own separate deck. I instantly fell in love with the setting and the ideas started gathering in my mind. I quickly sobered up and turned into PR mode. Minutes later we conveniently ran into the general manager of the lounge, talk about being at the right place at the right time. With the time reaching 2am we had a quick conversation and exchanged business cards. Satisfied with my ability to multi task we made our way out of the hotel. We waved goodbye to the concierge who could tell we made the cut off for our last cocktail.

This Friday was indeed my idea of an elevated evening. Compared to my Friday nights in the past, I was able to successfully wake up the next morning without needing the sunglasses and Advil treatment. But there's always next weekend......

If you care to follow in my footsteps make sure you stop by The Spyglass Rooftop lounge located on 47th west 38th st on the 22nd floor of The Archer Hotel.... elevated socialites only.





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