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Continuing on my virtual journey viewing Paris Fashion Week has really turned into a major task. I even set up my own runway schedule to view the live feeds in Paris, which brought back memories of when I visited. So I couldn’t help but also track down Kimye and next on my list was the Louis Vuitton show! Okay so Louis Vuitton has been my heart ever since I stepped foot in the Paris traveling museum of Louis Vuitton. Seeing all the greatest garments to ever walk down the runway was absolutely breathtaking and fun, of course this was around the time when Marc Jacobs was running the designs. Later on after viewing Louis Vuitton Fall 2015 Ready-to-wear show I realized that Marc does not design for LV anymore. Nicolas Ghesquiere is now in charge of the fashion house and I must say I'm a bit curious as to see what Ghesquiere will bring to the table, a former designer of Balenciaga. Louis Vuitton is a very luxurious, funky and glamorous label but also carries a since of whimsicality, which attracted me to LV.

My first designer bag was LV and hearing that it is under new care worries me. Spectators from the show say that this line is easy to wear, edgy with a rocker flame, futuristic finish and has a warped retro feel. With the brocaded finishes that some of the jacket had I could see why people would say retro. Towards the end of the show Ghesquiere explained he wanted the line to be about the individuality of the woman, so the cohesiveness that you failed to see in the collection is sort of on purpose. I don’t know if I like that idea or not. If this collection had themed pieces in it then I could possibly see his vision. But this collection was all over the place, very shop-able but also very random and should I mention "Cheap Looking" Editor Nicole Phelps says that in his next line he should "Push his exploration further" agreed! That statement is definitely #hashtagapproved by me. That's all the tea I have for now! Here are some of the few designs that I thought were cool.

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