• Danielle

Never To Late To Try Something New

Trying new things are the key to living. If you always stay within your box you’ll never be able to discover hiding talents or just enjoy everything life has to offer. As most of you know I went to school for television production so, I absolutely love being behind a camera. Telling stories through people is such a creative experience for me. My creative juices take on a mind of their own and the final product is always better than what I envisioned.

Recently I’ve tried my hand at photography. Now I thought it would be pretty similar to filming because a lot of the elements are the same. I was sadly mistaken. Photography is much more creative that just taking a series of shots. With film I can edit a bunch of shots together to make the scene look like something better than what I originally shot. With photography you need to get that perfect shot. You have to make sure the lighting is perfect and the setting is right and there’s nothing extra that shouldn’t be in the picture like a random photobomb.

Previously I did a photo shoot with miss Tea with Tiffany and it was amazing. Now then she acted as creative director and I was just following her direction and making sure I captured the shot and the pictures came out amazing. The reason the pictures came out as good as they did was because I was executing someone else’s vision and she was there to guide me.

More recently a friend approached me with and idea for a photo shoot. I was super excited she wanted to work with me and, I really wanted to test my photography and photoshop skills. Challenged once again I had no idea how I wanted these pictures to look. What looks I wanted the girls to have or how they should do hair and makeup. Finally I took some of my ANTM training and listened to mama Tyra and just kept it simple. The shots came out very nice and, I always love when I’m able to work with friends. Editing posed another challenge but, once again I was able to Google my way through it and the final products came out better than I thought when I compared them to the original. I really impressed myself and my models were very pleased.

Trying new things can be very scary especially if your not exactly sure what your doing. The way we learn things is by making mistakes and trying again to improve the next time. Now I wouldn’t say I’m a photographer but I can take some really good pictures. I’m so excited about this newfound love for photography and capturing life’s most beautiful moments.



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