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Blue Treasure Pop-Up Shop

Last week Hashtags and Highheels took a trip over the rainbow to find, "Blue Treasures" a jewelry brand created by fashion merchandiser Brittany Caswell. Caswell sells modern jewelry that embodies natural habitat themes such as Earth, Pure, Water and Jewels. I was invited to this pop-up to go and check out the new featured items that she has in her boutique. I later learned that the company that she merchandises for is the unique Chole + Isabelle. Chole and Isabelle are the two fictional characters that the brand stands behind, one character with the love of classic pieces and the other, fashionable and innovative.

I was truly excited to see the jewelry and all that Blue Treasures had to offer. Upon arrival the jewelry was displayed beautifully for everyone to view and try on. We got a brief description of why Brittany started this boutique and, what she predicts in the future for herself. The name "Blue Treasures" is so fresh and inventive; it follows a theme of beautiful blue hues which was mimicked throughout the décor of the table, just like the caption picture with Brittany modeling her jewelry. Caswell explained that the color blue has been following her for some time now and would pop up here and there. The treasures is inspired by a charm bracelet that she started for herself when she first joined Chole + Isabelle with her first charm being a treasure box with precious stones inside the actual box. The piece is quite beautiful and when she told her story I just had to write about it.

Here are some of my favorite pieces that Blue Treasures has to offer:

Ocean Lace Statement Two tone Snake Braided Medina Convertible Pendant

Necklace Pendant Chain Collar

Quite special aren’t they? And those are just three of the necklaces that I chose to share with you. Blue Treasures has rings, bracelets and, of course the one I want (limited edition branch horizontal necklace) was no longer available. Sometimes my taste in jewelry is my worst enemy I either want the biggest most expensive or, the simplest most popular.

So after hard decision making, I chose to take home this wonderful Ocean Lace Statement Ring. So in love with the colors and the endless possibilities of this piece I can't wait to wear it! Usually I am not a silver jewelry fan but the cold beauty was irresistible. Shop Blue Treasures and see if your jewelry type is a Chloe or an Isabelle. Blue Treasures can also pop-up at your house for a jewelry party! For information on how to book or purchase any of the pieces you see here check Brittany out at.



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