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Philly Small Business Fashion Week

It's that lovely time of year again people, Fashion Week!!! So this year same as last year I chose to stay in Philadelphia to attend fashion week. Honestly I have been trying to keep the faith alive with Philadelphia and the role they play in fashion. If you know me you know that I am all about supporting natives and where you come from. In order for us to succeed we have to support one another. This year was the first of its kind "Philly Small Business Fashion Week" So let me put my critiquing pants on and really give you my honest opinion.

Based on my other experiences from NYFW, PSBFW first causality was the location! It was in North Philadelphia! Away from where the tourists roam and away from all the beauty that Philadelphia has to offer. It was terribly difficult to find, which building and then the entrance was on the complete other side of where the parking was. Now NYFW yes, they do have fashion shows in weird places like warehouses and things of that nature but, what lacked with this show was indication of where to enter, which was confusing and unwelcoming.

Upon entering we were approached by a young lady checking the tickets. Now compared to Philly Fashion Week which was also the same day as PSBFW, last year the woman approaching us to take tickets simply looked at the ticket and instructed us to go in. PSBFW asked us our name, checked and then proceeded to let us in as if we belonged there(We Also Got Ushered to Our Seats) Which I Liked! Fashion Week isn’t for just anyone it's for those who chose to be there based on interest or even just to support, so in my opinion; the sense of belonging helped me process the overall event which in the long run gained PSBFW brownie points from me.

The venue was overall beautiful with large ceiling to floor windows that viewed outside. Shiny wooden floors, oversized princess chairs and mini bar that served drinks. As the show started it began with Terri Matthews creator of Jadens Voice, an organization targeting children with autism being raised by single mothers. Her speech was uplifting and humbling and she spoke about it with so much passion. All the proceeds from PSBFW would go to this organization which I thought was a beautiful gesture. This is PSBFW first year so you would think they would need all that they could get for next year, but they chose otherwise which is amazing.

The lines in the show where ok , there were collections that were short and sweet and then you had beautiful collections which were cohesive futuristic and actually ready to wear. During a brief intermission which was one of many you were able to buy what you saw on the runway. I thought this was great for marketing purposes and added a bit of a fan touch. To leave with merchandise that was made, labeled and ready to wear is quite exciting. The show also was hosted by America's Next Top Models, Denzel Wells which was a nice upscale touch. Overall it had its highs and lows but the big question is which show I would choose to go to next year and it probably would be Philly Fashion Week. No shade towards Philly Small business Fashion Week I do give it to them for it to be their first show and to have the proceeds go towards a good cause. Philly Fashion Week really has strict rules and entry regulations in order to even be showcased in the show. I appreciated that because if filters out the designers who were short and sweet at PSBFW and also the content of quality that is considered for designers to provide. Philly keep up the good work I do believe we are on to something.



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