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Oh Oscar

This year's 87th Academy Awards brought out hips and waist cinched gowns that I die for. There is nothing more appealing to me than a waist cinched gown or dress. This year showed such elegance and I honestly love love love the Oscars it's my favorite award ceremony. Everyone picked their dress of choice ever so precisely and color schemes were phenomenal. So I had many best dressed but out of all them I made myself narrow it down to a top three!

3rd place goes to Reese Witherspoon in this dropped shoulder white and black Tom Ford gown. The construction, the fit and the minimal jewelry worked for me! I die!

2nd place goes to Rosamund Pike in Givenchy. Detail! Detail! Detail! The color is amazing against her fair skin and the texture of the dress is as if she is dressed in rose petals. Very simple make-up and the matching shoe, actually works. Many people were skeptical about the matching red shoe but I adore it! I'm also happy with the bare/nude mani and pedi she chose.

And our 1st place winner goes to Scarlett Johansson in an emerald Versace gown with a beaded neck! She literally looks like #Money her hair is so modern and sleek and her stance gives me nothing but fearless and confidence. She embodies "I am every Woman" and I believe it. So in love! Excellent job this year ladies Oscar should be proud!


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