• Danielle DeLoatch

Music Saves Us All

If you know me, you know the one thing that I absolutely love is music. More than just the music I love performances. There’s just something about seeing an artist perform and really feel the music that their performing. Well the Stevie Wonder Tribute that aired Monday night was one of the best tributes I’ve seen in a long time. It was well thought out and planned. Every performance was on point and all around amazing. A live band performed and it was epic seeing the marriage of every instrument sound blend together was beautiful. First of all this tribute brought out music’s finest to honor Stevie Wonder. The show opened up with the Queen yes Beyonce or as I like to call her “my uncles wife”. Amazing as usual she killed her performance bringing out Ed Sheeran, whom I’m currently obsessed with was phenomenal. Gary Clark Jr. joined them onstage and played the mess out of his guitar. The dynamic of the three of them on stage was off the hook. I love when artists feel the music and everyone was feeling it that night whether they were in the audience or on stage Stevie’s music was moving everyone. Lady Gaga went off too she got her entire life and gave me mine performing I wish which is one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs. The entire show was all that from beginning to end. Every performance was one to watch. Music is and has always been a universal language. It brings people together from all races ages and backgrounds. When everyone is grooving to the music together there’s a sense of unity and comfort there. If we can come together like that to honor someone in music we should be able to do the same for any cause. If you missed the show you can find most of the performances on YouTube and be prepared to get your life because I definitely got mine.



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