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Working Towards Your Craft

So I'm pretty sure by now that all my true DVF gals are aware of her new TV series "House of DVF" which is a competition show to land a potential job with Diane Von Furstenberg as her brand ambassador. Yes! I know big deal. When I first viewed the show and heard it was going on, my initial reaction was, How do I apply! The show featured the girls going through true fashion obstacles in order to compete for the title. I was instantly hooked as I viewed the first season. I felt for the girls and all that they fought for to earn Diane's loyalty and vote. Each girl wanted the job so bad and of course everyone has their own flaws as I viewed Diane pluck each flower one by one. The season winner was Brittany! A down to earth, beautiful black queen if I might add. I was honestly so extremely happy for her and all that she battled through and for.

Season one came and went, and now it's time to film again and guess who's auditioning, me! My anxiety levels are through the roof because of the possibilities of the outcome of my submission. I had been up all night filing out the application and questions filled my mind: what if this answer is too short, too long or, too personal. All in all I tried to constantly tell myself to be myself! Be the person you know they could fall in love with. As my mind calmed and my fingers typed I had finally finished the application which took me almost 3 hours to complete. After my mind calmed and I wiped my forehead thinking "that’s over". I suddenly get an email 10 minutes later stating that they have received my application and please submit a video by tomorrow 12pm showing us your personality and answering some questions, just when I thought I would be let off here comes the pressure. It was already 10pm and I'm thinking how am I going to pull this video off by tomorrow, with work and finding someone to film me for five minutes. Sounds easy RIGHT? IT WAS THE MOST difficult thing I've had to do in a long time because of the fact that I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by. I had to make this video happen and it had to be amazing!

So I called the most reliable person I know who is great at what she does in the production category "What the Elle" Danielle. We filmed shortly after she had gotten off of work around 10pm the next day. With only two hours to give DVF what she asked for, but also give me. Take after take and stumble after stumble we were able to create a master piece of a video to submit to DVF. So nervous, so self-conscious ,scared of failure ,scared of success are all the emotions I'm feeling right now THIS IS A BIG DEAL to me and I feel like this is the first televised competition the deals with fashion but not on a design level and I needed parts bad. But I'm telling my story to you all today because even though you may think what you have isn’t enough; know that what you have is ALWAYS enough! I felt like giving up and getting over it as the deadline to submit the video quickly approached, but God didn’t let me nor did my friend. We need situations like this in life to show us the full potential of an outcome that could be life changing!


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