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The 63rd Annual Miss Universe

Okay! So lets talk about this highly anticipated event, Miss Universe. So Sunday marked the day of the Miss Universe Pageant. The beginning opened up with 88 beauties wearing costumes of choice to represent their country. Embellishments, Crystals, Feathers and appliqués lit up the stage as each contestant strutted their stuff. Brown beauties, Olive Beauties, White Beauties and Chocolate Beauties from all over the world filled the stage in oversized costumes that were specially made. Strikingly enough no brown beauties made this year's line up out of 88 countries! The 2nd round only took 15 girls out of 88! None where women of color, except one. One who carried the most humble confidence in years, the one with the most abstract hairstyle #MissJamaica. The crowd roared as #MissJamaica name got called. I think everyone including myself was gasping for air as they called her name.

I wasn’t sure whether or not any women of color would bless the next round. #MissJamaica made it through swimwear and onto the finale where the judges asked a series of questions to the contestants. I personally think #MissJamaica answer to her question was very honest and fair, her answer had personality and no it wasn’t political like many people have stated but, who needs the political answer when half the audience doesn’t have a clue of what a "political answer " should be.

The question asked was, "What do you think your country has contributed to the United States?" or something of that sort. #MissJamiacas answer was that her country contributed musical legends such as Bob Marley and, Olympic champion Usain Bolt. Perfect! Right? She is absolutely right that Jamaica has contributed talent like music and athletes to the USA and including herself. As the final round approached when the ladies where waiting for their fate. #MissJamaica was 5th runner up being the FIRST to leave the stage.

The crowd boo-ed and boo-ed at this decision including myself. I just could not believe the fact that she got called first not even making the top three. Spectators say that her answer to her question is what knocked her down to 5th place. But I guess the judges forgot about her beauty, her confidence, her unconventional look and, wardrobe choices. I too, along with many others agree that #MissJamaica was cheated. I mean, look at her! she is such a modern day Miss Universe; come on America aren’t we tired of the long manes and round faces? If you don’t agree with the placement that #MissJamaica received tweet #MissJamaicaShouldHaveOne #HashtagsAndHighheels and join the conversation. But I still want to congratulate her on making it this far and at least carrying us to the final round!



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