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Finally made it to see Selma this weekend and, it was everything I expected and more. The historic events were done so tastefully and executed to the tee. From the beginning scene of the 4 little girls that died in the church in Birmingham to the multiple attempts to march on Selma, every historic event that happened during that time period was captured. David Oyelowo was phenomenal in his portrayal of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He had his tone of voice, his stature, his walk, his stance it was amazing to watch.

In the film we find out who Dr. King was as a man not just what he did for our nation but who, he really was. We know Dr. King as this non-violent fearless figure in history but in the film we see him get vulnerable, scared and not always sure of his actions. There’s a scene when they attempt the 2nd march on Selma and, they get to the top of the bridge and the sheriff tells his men to stand down to let them pass and Dr. King stops, kneels down to his knees and prays right then and there. I thought that scene was so powerful because after he prays they turn around and leave and people were furious with him. They looked at him as a coward when in all honesty he was just being smart he realized that it wasn’t the right time. That just showed me that as a person sometimes we pass up opportunities and people may look at us crazy but all along we know we’re making the right decision for ourselves.

Watching the film of course stirred emotion in my spirit. Looking at the innocent lives of people and children that were taken blatantly based on the color of their skin just made me think about everything that’s happening in our society today. I immediately thought about the families of Travonn Martin, Mike Brown and, Eric Garner and how as a nation we can’t keep fighting violence with violence. That was Dr. Kings main purpose, that in order for change to happen it can’t be violent that only gives them ammunition to hurt us. There’s one scene in the film where one of the protesters is fed up and he’s ready to shoot a cop and, someone tells him how is that going to help? Two of them equal 12 of us then where do we stand? That statement is so true because violent retaliation is never going to be the answer. In the film they are fighting for African Americans to be able to register vote without ridiculous clauses that make it impossible for them to register. Today most people are not voting it’s more than just the presidential election, every office counts. This is how we protect our people and our lives. For ignorant people to say that things will never change then they’re sadly mistaken, they are not doing their duty as an American citizen and utilizing their rights that so many people fought and died for. We can’t keep pointing the finger at others when we’re not doing what we can to proactively help the situation.


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