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Whats The Tea!

Okay everyone, Pinkies Up! On Saturday January 17th #HashtagsandHighHeels had the honor of attending "Let Them Eat Cake, Tea Party Luncheon with some amazing women! The purpose of this event was to bring together at least 100 women who are achievers, dreamers, visionaries, leaders, owners and creators. Yes! All this to be accompanied by delicate treats, teas and pastries. The event encouraged upcoming brands, college grads, young professionals and business owners all to attend to get motivated and inspired. Guess speakers from Bad Boy Entertainment and Prima Donna Style, both whom I am familiar with were also in attendance.

Going into this event I was not sure as to what I should be expecting. With any event that you hear of and you aren’t aware or familiarized with the person giving it, I feel like by instinct you have your presumptions and doubts. With this event I truly realized that it is "Always Good" to step out on faith and attend events regardless if you know the person or not. I was honestly shocked at the line of women that greeted me at the door, prior to the doors opening to the event. Fashionable women of all shapes, sizes and hues were patiently waiting for the doors to open.

Everyone was dressed beautifully with the theme of "Tea Party" on their minds. Dusty pastels and bold black statements, big wide brim hats and delicate lace vails across beat made up faces. As the doors opened and line began to move I couldn’t help but notice the conversations that each girl was having with their girlfriend they came with or just side chat with a new stranger. "I love your shoes" "OMG! How are you" "Hey Girl" "I didn’t know what to wear" just to name a few. As the room filled it was my turn to enter and can I just say BLOWN AWAY! A tea bar, pretty pastries, macaroons, cucumber sandwiches where some of the treats that populated the table accented with antique inspired pastry holders and glassware.

In the entrance was a mirror that said "Hello Beautiful" written in lipstick. As my friend and I searched for a seat, beautiful sunshine filled the room along with excitement and anticipation. The event opened with the host and planner of the event Cierra Jaye' speaking of how she got the inspiration for this event from Marie Antoinette Queen of France in the 1700s, who spoke of the words "Let Them Eat Cake " in response to under class complaining about there not being enough bread to go around for the peasants to eat.

The concept was amazing and I enjoyed being submerged in a time capsule room full of antiques and empowering women of 2015. Later in the event women spoke about the battles and hardships to their companies or brands and gave motivating remarks to continue to support other women. It was such a breath of fresh air to see women of color come together and lift each other up as we all climb this ladder of success.

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Cierra Jaye' Poses for the camera at the "Let Them Eat Cake Tea Party Luncheon" Saturday January 17th 2015



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