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Friday Night Fix

Hello Friday nights... Oh where have you been all my life. Our favorite time has arrived. Friday night regimens include the largest glass of red wine I can find and some feel good music to inspire me for the memorable night ahead. After the most exuberating shower followed by a private dance rehearsal in my mirror with glass in hand (C’mon ladies we all do it), it's time to decide weather or not the topic of being "fashionably late" will occur. Here's the basic breakdown. Any Friday night look can be fab if you follow my three rules for your #FridayFix. 1)The bigger the hair the better the night. Nothing better than carelessly whipping your hair and dancing the night away. No matter where you go, voluminous hair can get you the most stares (single ladies need to take notes). And do me a huge favor ladies, leave the buns for the elegant evenings. Sorry 2) Keep it simple and sexy Closet door opens and the magical moment happens.... or it doesn't. Even though you have enough outfits to dress everyone in the city, we're still convinced we need more. Do yourselves a favor ladies and, think ahead. You know your social life is always overbooked, shop ahead or keep it simple and go for one of my favorite looks that I swear by: The tight fitted dress. Being realistic it's winter time and by the time you make it out the door it will be close to 20 degrees but, lucky for you the wine in your system is the best heat generator so go for it! Every night out is a chance to look the best in the room. Hard to admit it so let me confess... I want all eyes on me *shrugs* 3) Closer to God Oh my favorite part. Nothing completes a sexy outfit than the highest heel you can find. If your nights are like mine, me and my girls are making a few stops along the way so, some walking can be involved. I have my favorite go to shoes by my brands I swear by that keep me fab without killing me in the process. In my opinion, there's nothing worse than going out in a social setting than having your heel not elevated. You might as well do us all a favor and stay in for the evening. We won't be seeing you anyway, we'll be looking right over your heads :). So seems easy enough. Stay like me and keep your dedication to your Friday fix. Here's some of my favorite Friday night looks. Make sure you hashtag #FridayFix to share you're looks with me and be featured on @hashtagsandhighheels.


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