• Danielle

You Asked for The Shade

Well Bravo TV showed me. A couple weeks ago I expressed how I wasn’t really feeling his season of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta. So far I felt like the season lacked the necessary shade for my entertainment. Well the entire curtain dropped when the ladies went to Puerto Rico. So much was being said I couldn’t even keep up. Now I expect shade from Porsha, Kenya, Nene and, occasionally Cynthia but, when Phaedra starting throwing shade I had to clench my chest. I was watching like wait a minute is Phaedra really saying all this. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes and ears, my jaw dropped so many times. From Phaedra asking Demetria if she ever did crack before to when Demetria came all the way at Apollo’s then pending 8 year prison term. That whole table was on edge and so was I. Once Nene started with the Claudia slander I was too through but, Claudia really held her own against Nene and dare I say gave Mrs. Leakes a read. They gave me exactly what I needed from a #RHOA episode and I was very pleased. Hopefully that wasn’t the climax of the season and they have just a little more to give me but, either way I’ll be watching.



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