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Good Job Griffin

Sunday marked the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Award Shows. The evening was one to remember with ground breaking fashion moments and do-tell garment favorites! Following the Globes was the premiere of Fashion Police with Ms. Kathy Griffin. Like I promised before, I really wanted to see this plan in action. Questions rose about Kathy and her being the new "Joan Rivers" So I viewed the show last night. iPad in hand viewing the #fashionpolice tweets in my timeline while the show was on. It opened as it regularly did with familiar and new faces. The topic of discussion was obviously the golden globes and the fashion that got brought to the table the night prior on the red carpet. The show was surprisingly good as it always is, but I was quite surprised that Kathy had me laughing the way Joan used to. From the thought of her being on the show, I was reluctant about Griffin and what she could possibly bring to the table besides comedy. Well I was definitely laughing but, what lacked was the fashion "Je ne sais quio". I need to view the show a little more before I can make final decision but, if I must #hashtag her I would say #C+ I really want to know if she knows what she talking about in the book of fashion! Good Job Griffin!


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