• Danielle

Toast To The Empire!

Did you watch the premier of Empire? The highly anticipated drama premiered last night with an explosive first episode. I have to say all my viewing pleasures were satisfied. The show gives you a range of emotions but, not in a messy way. Your going throught he motions right along with them. Right from the beginning you already feel like you know the characters. Taraji P Henson really goes there with her role as “Cookie” and is already the fan favorite. You never know what’s going to come out of her mouth but, you can also see the passion in her eyes. Terrence Howard also delivers a very strong performance. You love his wit but, hate his blatant ignorance. We loved all Taraji and Terrence in Hustle and Flow and I’m so happy to see them working alongside each other again. Empire is definitely the show to watch. You want to know so much more about these characters; more about their past and how the future will unfold for them. I have no complaints about the show whatsoever. Now 50 cent recently shaded the show claiming that the concept was mimicked from his popular show Power. After watching it I’m not sure where he came up with that conclusion. I’m also a fan of Power and I think the two shows are completely different only similarity is drugs, money, and power but, he didn't invent that format. There’s enough room for both shows no need to be shady.



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