• Danielle

Where's The Shade?

Everyone who knows me knows I love The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Mainly because I have to get my Nene Leakes life every Sunday. Her tell it like it is attitude and never afraid to throw shade keeps me coming back every Sunday for the past 7 seasons. For some reason this season I’m just not feeling it. There isn’t anything to anticipate for the next episode. I’m feeling like I’m out of the loop, like there’s something that I’m missing but, the tea is just not there this season. I literally only watch it to see Nene, if she leaves I’m out. Am I the only one who feels like this.? The season is already 9 episodes in and nothing eventful has happened. Now I don’t need the wig snatching and choking but, can I at least get some good shade. I feel like they’re giving me partial shade and I need the whole curtain OKAY. Maybe a good argument I need to have that “oh no she didn’t moment”. Hopefully they have something good for me for the rest of the season.



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