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All Hail Yeezy

As 2014 comes to an end Kanye West jumps to the beginning or in better words the top.GQ Magazine has honored Mr. West the title of best dressed male/Most Stylish Man of 2014.West has been in the media all year for his and yes, I said his fashion choices. He is one of the many celebrities that does not have a stylist and is really hands on with his choice of clothing. Along with all the celebrities who have a keen eye in fashion Yeezy also came out with his own fashion line along the way ( A.P.C Kanye). Mr. West should be proud of himself! GQ is a big deal and they influence many men around them especially when you have competitors coming so close to his heels like Idris Elba and David Beckham. Yeezy set Paris on fire with his fashion gear during fashion week accompanied by his double trouble accomplices Kim and North. Kanye never seizes to amaze me, seriously. He's so quiet yet so loud! Please view this shoot it was jaw droppingly amazing.



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