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Pull Over! Kathy

So as we all know the late Joan Rivers

passed away this pass year, with an overload of funny moments on Fashion Police. Joan had a soft gentle approach with a memorable exit in anything that she was a part of. Now questions have started to arise about who will be the next "Joan Rivers" Who has the finesse, integrity and comedic character to really pick up where she left off? Kathy Griffin that’s who! Okay, so whoever made this decision deserves a citation. Me personally that is not the first person I think of when Fashion Police comes across my mind. My cadet candidates are Diane Von' Furstenberg, Fran Drescher, Kristie Alley maybe even June Ambrose, you see my vision right!? These women have a naturally funny personally just as Joan Rivers, she did this ever so effortlessly and she was never dull. Just completely #raw and if there was a script I hardly ever noticed. Not saying that Kathy won't be those things but I also feel as if she is not girly enough. Kathy sometimes has a #tomboy approach to me with her dominant persona. Kathy is set to take the screen on January 12 on E! The same day as the Golden Globes. Yes I will be watching and will definitely be giving a follow up tea and hashtag on this!



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