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Balmain Soldiers

Needless to say that the Parisian Fashion House ,Balmain absolutely loves the Kardashian fashion Icon, Kim. But pictures started floating around towards the end of last week of Kimye. Balmain features the hot steamy couple in their Balmain Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Can you say Hot #hashtag alert! They look absolutely breathtaking down to Kanye's crisp chocolate skin with Kim's sun kissed and freshly manicure hand grasping his face. I totally believe everything in this shot! I die for the love it embodies. The spread is definitely a movie and the duo gets two gold Grammies for this one. Two thumbs up to the

creative director who had this vison and brought it to life, Oliver Rousteing. Let's not forget the web crashing shoot Kim just resurfaced from with Paper Magazine when she flaunted it ALL with a smile to accompany. Kim is definitely bringing 2014 home with a BANG! Or on a better note Balmain Boom!


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