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The Fashion he calls "With Passion"

Alert! To all of you Beyoncé lovers, Ty Hunter Beyoncé's well known stylist has a bright and exciting fashion collaboration with fashion retailer Served Fresh. The online retailer says they are fueled by the passion to raise awareness about social and pop-cultural topics. Served fresh says they "Bake keen wit, satire and polished designs into clothing brand with a purpose." Ty definitely chose a great cause to collab with especially with consumers always on the "know" meaning they always want to know what's going on NOW! We live in a culture where what we view on daily basis via; phone, laptop, desktop, tablet and ipad is considered our "Feed of Nature" it's our instinct to WANT to know. Of course this only applies to those who find interest in pop culture. Ty Hunters collab is titled With+Passion and includes different designs in a highlighted yellow form with exclamation points being its focus. The exclamation point drives the universal thought of impact and conviction. The fashion line With+Passion elevates expression and creates a contagious spirit of empowerment and enlightment through this one symbol. Served Fresh, With Passion is going to be BIG! I see its full potential underneath a lot of different categories such as Punk, Afro-punk, Sexy Chic, Afro-Chic and the Laid-Back Lovers just to name a few. It targets so many different lifestyles and the meaning behind it shines through effortlessly. Shop for 'With Passion" by Ty hunter www. and also other fashion retailers and small boutiques. This line by far will go haywire so hop on the band wagon now.



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